How to Play

1) Team size must be at least 2 players. All players must be seated at the same table.

2) Each team member receives 1 sheet of 4 bingo cards before each game.

3) To win a game of Bingo, you must have (2) of the corresponding Bingos from (1) team.

4) When you get your 1st Bingo, call it out. We call this “Half Bingo” and it lets all other players know that someone is getting close to winning.

5) Once your team has (2) Bingos, shout it out “Loud and Proud”! We will announce that we have a potential winner. Bring your cards up to be verified and collect your prize.

6) ALL ties will be decided by “Sudden Death”

How it Works

Team Bingo® is typically played in bars, taverns or restaurants by teams of individuals. Team size ranges from one (1) to no more than ten (10) players. Each team member must be seated at the same table. Before the start of each game all players receive one (1) sheet of four (4) bingo cards.

A Team Bingo® show consists of the following seven (7) different bingo games, such as: Straight Bingo; Four Corners; Crazy T; X Marks the Spot; Crazy L; Picture Frame; and Progressive Cover-All. For the first six (6) games, two (2) bingos of the particular game being played are required to be produced for any team to win that game. Winners of each of the first six (6) games will generally receive a prize of House Cash for their teams.

The last of the seven (7) games played is an individually played Progressive Cover-All bingo game. If any player is able to cover all of the bingo squares on any one (1) of the four (4) cards within the first fifty-five (55) numbers called, he or she wins a cash jackpot worth up to $250.00. The Progressive Cover-All Bingo Jackpot shall begin with the first Team Bingo® event played in each respective bar or restaurant and shall start with one hundred dollars ($100) as the initial cash jackpot. For each week that the Progressive Jackpot goes unawarded for that venue, it shall be increased by ten dollars ($10) cash each week, until such time as it is paid to a winner, or the Progressive Cover-All Jackpot prize limit of $250 is reached.

If there is no Progressive Cover-All winner within the first fifty-five (55) bingo numbers called, the jackpot prize will not be paid for that event. However, the Cover-All format will remain in effect until there is a winner regardless of the number of calls it takes. The winner will then be awarded House Cash.

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